City Information


  • A city in Russia, the geographic center of Siberia.
  • A population of over 570,000.
  • Oldest center of science, education and innovation in Siberia.
  • 11 research institutions, 9 universities, special economic zone, 6 business incubators, laboratories, design bureaus.
  • 1st in Russia in terms of affordability (tuition, accommodation, daily expenses, etc.), according to QS data.
  • 2nd in Russia in terms of attractiveness, affordability, safety, comfort of living, according to QS data.
  • Cathedrals, temples, churches, mosques, synagogue, Lutheran church, other religious facilities.
  • 18-20th century wooden and brick architecture, about 1,800 buildings, 200 of them heritage wooden architecture.
  • Numerous museums: Museum of Tomsk History, Museum of Slavic Mythology; planetarium, three drama theaters, youth theater, Skomorokh Puppet Theater, 2Ku Living Dolls Theater, large and small philharomic halls.
  • Russia's top scuba diving club, academic rowing, basketball, volleyball, mountaineering, hiking, equestrian sports, skiing, snowboarding, diving, chess. The city has several stadiums, pools, an 11-meter climbing wall, sports grounds, sports palace, bowling halls, go-cart tracks, skating and sledding rinks, ski ramp and ski track.

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