Study programs

Pre-university course

For foreign nationals who aspire to pursue a university degree at TUSUR or other universities in Russia.

The course program has an engineering/technical or economic focuses and allows you to study Russian, as well as mathematics, informatics, physics, social sciences or mathematics, geography.

Considering the sanctional situation of Russian bank system and the difficulties that may occur in the cross-border bank transfers, please think about the payment facilities in advance: find out which banks in our country could makea transfer to Russia while you will be there, which information they will need to make this transfer, and so on. The University will help you to negotiate with banks of Russia to open the bank account with the appropriate conditions. Another solution can be to pay in cash of the whole year as soon as you come to secure yourself and to guarantee the financial discipline. So think in advance about the amount to bring with you.

To enable the multidimensional learning process in 2022/23 academic year, TUSUR has updated the curriculum which combines the on-campus form of study and the e-learning elements. Most of the books, tests and exercises are available in electronic form via on-line platform developed by TUSUR -

The tuition fee is paid via the web-site (or directly in the pay-office of the university) in three steps:

  • 6,000 rubles after the study contract is signed on or before October, 1, 2022;
  • 59,000 rubles on or before November 1, 2022
  • 65,000 rubles on or before February 1, 2023.

On completion of the program, you will take exams that will allow you to continue your studies at a degree level at TUSUR.

Taking the pre-university program will help you:

  • Learn Russian to a level that is sufficient for a university student in Russia;
  • Obtain a language proficiency cetrificate;
  • Receive instruction in the key subjects for your future degree program;
  • Learn about the Russian culture.

10 months

Duration of the programm

1 October

Classes start

130 000 ₽

The total tuition fee for on-campus program

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