aaa Testing procedure
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TUSUR Center of Training for International Students

Testing Procedure

Tests for Certificates of any level can be taken by foreign nationals who need to obtain an official confirmation of their knowledge of Russian.

Foreign nationals must register to take the test:
- fill in the registration card in the Center of Training for International Students (40 Lenina Prospect, office 217) or download the registration card and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- when the date of testing is announced, come to the Center of Training for International Students to sign the Contract and pay for the test.

The General level of Russian (A1-C2) testing is split in two days.
Day 1.
Grammar. Vocabulary – 50-90 min.
Reading – 45-60 min.
Writing – 50-80 min.
Day 2.
Listening – 25-45 min.
Speaking – 45-60 min.

The test is passed if the average result for all Subtests is 66% and more. The lowest result acceptable for one of the Subtests is 60%.

Score grading:
- Pass (66% - 100%)
- Fail (65% and less)
If the test is passed, the candidate receives a state-recognized Certificate within 8 weeks after the test.