aaa Russian language improvement course
     (3822) 51-08-04
TUSUR Center of Training for International Students

Russian Language Improvement Course

Level 3 (TORFL-III/C1)
The program is offered to the students who have a B2 level knowledge of Russian and would like to improve their language skills. The program designed for international interns, postgraduates, tourists, entrepreneurs operating in Russia.
Students completing the course will:
- learn advanced language patterns, improve their grammar, oral and written communication skills;
- learn to understand and adequately interpret social, cultural and business texts;
- be able to read Russian literature, write essays, debate, keep conversations on a variety of topics;
- be able to pass TORFL-3 to confirm their advanced knowledge of Russian sufficient to carry out professional activities as a philologist, translator, editor, journalist, diplomat, manager.

Duration: 280 hours, if started with B2 level skills in Russian.